Our experienced web team is specialised in website design, website development and eCommerce with system integration, such as SwiftPOS. All our members have participated on projects on scope from small business to national wide chain-store brands. Our flexible services offer an opportunity to fit any budgets for digital growth.

You need a place to work with!

In DigiBite Studio, you can choose method that is best suit to your website requirements and budget. We are a team you can trust to build your professional website to boost your digital profile. DigiBite Studio aim to provide comprehensive digital services to our valuable clients for business growth. Unlike a freelanders, contracted developer or website builder plafromat like WIX and Squarespace, who usually build websites as a product to sell, we build a website for purpose of marketing and productivity. Website is a starting point for your business stepping into digital world.

A general work flow to build and operate a great website may look as following. Click the card, if you want to know more about this phase.

Before you decide to start a website project, there are few elements that you need to concern is it an appropriate approach for your business or organisation to have a website.

Nature of business and business pattern

Your website looking, interaction and functionality are highly related to your business nature and pattern. Different type of business needs completely different implementation. For example, a barber shop, categorised as professional services, will need a website to introduce their services, pricing and a functionality of booking online. They should never do an eCommerce to selling services online, unless they are selling hair care products. They also need to focus on a local area they serve during marketing their website. For a liquor store, a functionality of showing special categories and online checkout with pick up options may be required. The content that is showing how well the store is established or extra may not be important for users, because most people don’t care about the story and most customers only want a convenient way to secure their loved bottles without queuing in the counter from the store near to them.

Business process

It isn’t necessary for you to figure out what exact functionality required for your website, it is a job for project managers who will assist to identity, but you will need to know that some functions are not suitable for certain type of business, as it is the natural conflict for digital products, which are intangible and inflexible in certain level. DigiBite Studio formed by a full-stack development team with lots of project experience and we will never sell products and projects that are against your business nature.

Budget and Affordability

Remember, you get what you pay for, always. Website can be cheap with website builder platform like WiX and Squarespace. The secret for the price is that you need to DIY everything, excepted coring in those platforms. If you find a professional to do it for you, the cost basically similar to develop your own site and you are on your own, when the site is live. However, it is still a good option, if you are in very beginning of the business. Some freelanders and contractors also offer a cheap website development services, because you may be the first client and project for them to practice. In some case, they under-estimated the job and pause your project in halfway or quit and you can’t find them on the other side of the planet. We already have few cases in such situations. Some projects even stopped in design phase and nothing has been done on development. The clients lose on money and time that is critical to grow digital profile.

A general idea for a website design and development with DigiBite Studio, $4,000 would be a minimum investment you are looking for to develop a fully functioning website. Of course, if you only need a landing page, it may only cost few hundreds for taking the place. As a professional team, we won’t compromise quality on our works. As described previously, website is only a starting point of digital profile and that also means it is a fundamental for future works to conduct. Do it well in the beginning will save troubles afterword.

Website budget

Just like you will need some fixings in a house, even it is a new built one, website needs maintenance to catch up the changes of technology in browsers and adopt the use cases of users. Things may go wrong and will need improvement. That means there will be ongoing cost to keep a website running and functioning correctly by time to time. Therefore, all DigiBite Studio clients are required to host with us to receive supports. We will work out a plan that is suitable, but not overkill, for you. DigiBite Studio aim to provide a peace of mind solution for all clients.

Generally speaking, website builder is the best options to fit a small budget for start-up business. When you are ready to go with a professional built website, by considering about your budget, ongoing cost and available resources, you can ask us to build a website to boost your business in digital world.

Project Expectation

Website design and development can be a complex process and time-consuming task, so before starting a project, you need to know what you are looking for from the built website. It can be a goal of increased sales, automated booking process, streamline online purchasing experience, express of information, up-to-date information sharing and so many others. Project will go much better when you have a detailed expectation on certain perspective. If you have roadmap on what you are looking for, it is even better to lead a successful project, as your development team knows where they should keep capacity for extending from the beginning and don’t need to waste time to rebuild the previously works to adopt the new functionality.

Website expectation


Know your budget in number is extremely helpful to identity which approach to get your profile successful. For a limited budget in cash, which is under $2,000, if you have time, go for a website builder to start with. If you are busy to DIY your website and content, website may not be suitable for you in this stage. Keep in mind, website is not the only way to take a share of digital advantages. You can go for social media marketing to for a faster benefit return with this budget and re-invest your business with a website when your business grows to be affordable a custom-built website.

Speed of growth is not website’s advantage. Even you can bring a website online fast, it is still a long-term return on investment, on time to create content rather than money, for the website to grow naturally.

First thing first, Content, usually means text and images for services and products, is the most important thing for website. If you lack content, that means you will pay someone significantly to prepare your content properly. A content preparation can take up to 70% resources for a project that is lack of content. In our experience, 90% of the project delay is caused by late content providing. Basically, there is not to speed up a content creation process, unless you pay a fair amount of money to ask a prompt team to finish content. Secondly, you must know what demands or requirements the project must achieve in detail, and the business is prepared to fulfill the demands from the project. With a liquor store example, the business owner should know that the website must allow customer checkout, pay the order online, send out invoice and get customer notified when order is ready. Store can receive email notification and prepare the order in 1 hour as promised on the website. A website is a part of your business pattern reactive on behalf of your business. If the business can’t do things promised on website, it is really a harmful step to roll it out. The last thing is that your project contact must have time and stand by to present materials a project required. It is a two-way cooperation between the you and us to make a successful project. Risks are on you and us, there will be something cannot be done if there is a poor cooperation and cannot simply solved by spending more.

Yes, in general. The key element of this requirement is authorization to access and control. We know what the best suited environment to make your website running well with our solution. Hosting with us means we can allocate the problem and fix it more quickly, instead of taking a long time to learn and find the problem with other solutions in limited access. We also monitor status for you and you are peace of mind. This is also a single point contact for you when you find problem with hosting. If there are political or legal requirements from your organisation that you must host on somewhere else, you must state in advance to your account manager or project before development phase started.

You are looking for an investment started from $4,000(ex GST). There will be ongoing cost to keep your website running, including hosting and other services to promoting your website and content management. On the very beginning, you can contact us for a project enquiry. After talking to one of our friendly and knowledgeable account manager or project manager, we will prepare a project proposal in cost of $300(ex GST) that state the project scope, timelines, break down cost and any related services. Once you accept the proposal, we will present a rebase of $200(ex GST) to your project first payment. However, you need to be prepared for further investment for promoting your website with Google Ads, SEO or other services.

DigiBite Studio provide a peace of mind solution for your digital profile. If the problem is caused by hosting technical problems, like SSL expired, server errors by hardware, et. al, we get you covered. Our team usually react on it within 24 hours. There is no extra cost for you, as our hosting is covered to make sure the server running correctly. That is the major reason that you are required to host with us. If the problem is in a finished and approved project that is out of after sales support, we will charge on stated rate in your general service agreement by professional hours, no matter the problem is caused by a third-party service, like domains registrant, or browsers updates. For problems that we find the cause, but we don’t have access or permission to fix, we will charge time for investigation in professional rate. Your account manager will notify your estimated cost before we started to investigate. If you signed up for our digital profile management plan, we would use those professional hours in priority to investigate the problems and fixing them with your approval.