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Our experienced SEO team in Hobart will engage your targeted market with best practices meet industrial standard. Our SEO specialist, located in Hobart, will directly connect to you for a comprehensive SEO solution. We are here to help grow your digital profile in sustainable approach.

People now a day are surrounded by endless information and data in this fast-changing world. Thus, we rely on searching to find our solution and filter out noise from digital world. Search engines, like Google or Bing, play the role of gateway in our life to find what we are looking for. Such strong binding relationship between users and search engines leads to a result that business has to conduct search engine oriented marketing for an advantage position in the market through ads or SEO.

There are also other reasons to make SEO so critical for business, such as:

  • 94% of traffic on average for any search terms never go past first page
  • A subconsciousness hints that the higher ranking on search result represents a better product quality or service, because more people chosen them, which may be not true in fact or even search engine doesn’t mean the product is better, but it is the best match for user’s search terms
  • Websites out of first page result also tend to spend vastly more in SEM or other forms of marketing than those that do
  • It will be much harder for business to sell online with lower ranking on results.

SEO is a part of digital marketing strategy to get you in an advantageous position when people search for your products or services. There are serval different factors you need to consider and self-analysing.

Everything is about searching

How many times you can remember the exact domain name of your service providers and visit their website directly by typing the domain name in browser address bar? Now a day, people search business, services and products than remembering the name to get what they want. That is why search engines become stronger and stronger, because people are demanding it. You can hate those engines personally, as they are selling data, tracking people or something we will never know.

However, it won’t change the fact that your customers or potential clients are approving to you via those channels, and you can even get more customers by adopting search engines recommendation, rules and algorithm. As long as your business needs customers or people to visit, no matter you are a private company or non-for-profit organisation, SEO is always a thing you can’t bypass in digital world. Meanwhile, the chances for a customer to make a purchase is similar for most mature businesses, increasing traffic to the place will provide a higher absolute number of sales to the business. It’s same theory in commercial real estate that rent is higher in crowded place and the store can potentially have more sales than a low-density area. SEO is the opportunity to get a better position in the digital mall, and it may not as costly as a crowded store in the shopping centre.

Banner seo

A trustable result than Ads

You may already know that SEO aims to improve your rank on search result to guide more people clicking your website. However, credibility is another major advantage of SEO than ads. By years of years advertising bombing on Internet, people have less and less believing on “Ads” and have much more knowledge to identity it is an “Ads”, or not. The search result without tagged as “Ads” is telling a story your website content is matched the search query, at least the search engine thinks so. It leads your potential customers choose to believe the result is representing the quality of products or services, even that may be the actual knowledge.

Users are more vigilant to “Ads”, because no one wanted to be fooled on what they are trying to learn or making a serious choice. Unlike browsing from social media, people make a search on web search engine usually have a bit of intention for formal research on what they are looking for. People intent to do some research of the products or services on Internet before they make a decision, but not many people will bother to find some essays or paper for a subjective decision. That means the changes people can read what you are promoting is critical to converse a sale and this situation makes SEO important for your information standout. Even more, user’s researching also gives you a great opportunity to win that sale from your competitor, who dig the demand from other channels.

However, most users have no patience to read result after 5 pages, even though they are looking for some serious knowledge. What SEO can do is placing your trustable result listed within 10 pages, in most cases within 2 pages of search result. Getting higher rank of native search result means higher changes for Uncle Sam choose your business.

An attractive place to start SEO

Omelet can’t be made without breaking eggs. Before you are exactually investing on SEO, you must have a place, usually a website, ready to work with. A customized built and fully controlled website is a preferred platform to conduct SEO. It may be not a good idea to SEO a social media page, because there are so many things that are not accessible to make an optimization. If your current website is not functioning correctly or too old to attract people, the first thing to do is upgrading your website, which we can help with, because your users, real human beings, will leave even they find your site via your good rank result. It is kind of wasting to promote a broken or boring product. The ultimate goal for SEO is leading users click your website, and you need a good website to keep user stay for the business objectives.

Another thing to consider is user experience to your site. Not too complex for first impression and users should have rights to choose to learn more or just get a general idea for your business doing. This is not the thing SEO can improve, but it will affect the final result of your SEO investment.

In DigiBite Studio, we will review your website before conducting any SEO actions, no matter performance or content wide optimization. We will speak to you whether your site is ready to do SEO, or not.

Content is the King for Sustainable SEO

If someone told you Google can make your rank higher by paying them commission under table without changing content, those guys are usually fraud or hackers. Do not get it wrong, engines like Google and Bing, will never compromise on accuracy to get the best result for what users are searching. They are consistently putting tons of resource and innovative new technologies to get the result that is users exactly wanted and prevent those “tricks” or “bots” for a higher rank. An accurate result is the only key to keep users stick with them and those users make their cake to build their advertising empire.

Seo content

You may hear about ‘keywords copywriting’ or similar concepts. It is true to create content by keywords you wanted to promote. However, it is still important to make your content human readable and attractive for your users. People are not machine, we are reading and understanding things differently from computers. More users reading your content means that search engines, like Google, think your content is what user wanted and prove that they are doing good work to find you. They also known this content is suitable for similar queries for this keyword, and both you and the engines can get more exposure by increasing your rank. It is a positive feedback loop to keep your rank in a desirable position.

Slow but healthy

Unlike advertising which can bring you traffic instantly, SEO is a long term process to build your solid profile online. Usually, you may only see some benefits after three months or longer. However, a successful SEO result can benefit your business even you don’t put much effort afterward. In other words, it lasts much longer than advertising, which you will lose traffic instantly as soon as you don’t spend on paid “Ads”. Also, a good SEO can lower your budget on advertising, in terms of “CPC” (Charge Per Click), because search engine thinks your content is good enough to encourage users to deal with you as a “safe” and “win-win” option for search engine, rather than hurting their own reputation to bring you customers, same logic as previous discussion.

Therefore, DigiBite Studio required all our clients to sign up for SEO at least THREE (3) months after the website is passed for previous auditing and review. There are “tricks” to cheat ranking, but we are only doing a sustainable service and following gaming rules established by search engines.

Seo slow health


We have covered some information on the previous section. In general, you will need a website that you have access or can give us access to. Your website should be functioning correctly and easy to interact and designed attractively to keep your users stay on your site. We have a one-off SEO auditing service, which will provide with charge before anyone signed up on our SEO service. In addition, you will need to determine that you are ready to do this long-term, at least THREE(3) months. SEO, unlike advertising, it will take at least three months to come up a tangible result.

First, you are required to have a one-off SEO auditing service with us, which is $200(ex GST) and we will send a report of your current website performance in SEO and general performance. If the auditing result showed that the website is ready to do SEO and you are willing to sign up SEO with us, we will offer $100 (50%) rebase for the auditing service to your SEO plan. Our SEO plan is starting from $300(ex GST) per month, depends on amount of works and promoted keywords difficulty. You are required to sign up our SEO plan for at least THREE(3) months, as we explained in the previous, that SEO is a long-term process to find out the result. Your SEO plan is included for Monthly Digital Profile Report, which is summarized all your digital profile performance with us. You are looking for a minimum investment for $1000(ex GST), including rebase from auditing, in three months.

It depends on the level of control of your website we have. That is why you are required to take our SEO auditing service first. We can do copywriting and content creation only, if we have limited access to your website. Technical optimization requires us to review your website codes, used software and hosting capacity, which may significantly increase your spending. We recommend you stick with your website development team to do optimization. Of course, you can ask us to take over the hosting, even rebuild your site. Feel free to talk to our team to get a solution that is suitable for you.