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SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation in its longform version, is the art of utilising a whole bevy of tools to get your website appearing on Google’s coveted first page in the search results. By some distance, SEO is the most powerful version of marketing that a small or medium sized business in Hobart has available to them.

The reasons for this is due to both the unique nuances of how people use the internet, as well as the return for investment that well considered SEO offers:

  • 94% of internet users who use Google will not go past the first page during their search

  • The remaining 6% that do go past will have an increase in trust risk for any websites that appear

  • Websites that do not appear highly will naturally spend vastly more on advertising than those that do

Whilst this can be a bit scary, it pales into comparison to the main point, in which without SEO, websites will find it hard to get users finding them, enquiries will be harder to obtain, and online sales will be more difficult to make. SEO, therefore, can be considered more of a safeguard to making sure your website can work for you, rather than it being the other way around.

So, SEO sounds like a real vote winner, doesn’t it? The way it works, however can be quite complex, involving writing so that Google can understanding what your business does, networking so that your website is trusted, and general design ethos that mean your website is always presentable, easy to read, and easy to navigate.

Which is where we come in.

DigiBite Studio is a dedicated SEO company in Hobart with over a decade’s worth of experience working with small-to-medium sized businesses both here in Hobart and right across the country. Our team was there when SEO was starting to emerge as a theory, and know what needs to be done to get your business up at the top.

How SEO Works

To explain how it all works, it is better to explain it as a blueprint. In this blueprint, there are essential guidelines that allow you to build the foundations for a very healthy online business in Hobart. The guidelines can be modified as such, just as long as the spirit of the blueprint is not deviated from.

This SEO blueprint can be broken down into four distinct parts, each of which vary in how much they contribute to a healthy campaign. These four areas are, in order of contribution:

  • Content writing - highlighting keywords that will be integral to your business

  • Accurate development - clean coding allows for search engine crawlers to find you easily

  • Meta titles and descriptions - aiding in the overall navigation of a website

  • Backlinking - making sure only trusted and responsible websites link to your business

Now, we can almost hear the noise of a lot of people screaming “Woah, where did all these new words come from?” from here, and this is where SEO’s importance becomes critical.

The essence of SEO is to have your brandranking highly for keywords that are most likely to drive traffic to your website.

Keywords, for those unaware, are leading phrases that people type into Google’s search engine and every day. Website developers, of which we are, is a keyword by itself, so too is pizza restaurant in Hobart. Think of keywords as how you describe what you do to those that ask what your business is about.

Keywords are by far and large the bread and butter of any SEO campaign in Hobart. Everything done is to have any particular website ranking for selected keywords, from meta titles and descriptions (what shows up in browser tabs, such as the one you’re using now), to general copywriting to make sure these keywords are displayed predominantly.

There is only one area that does not focus on such a granular analysis of words is backlinks. A backlink is essentially just a link from one website to another, and each will have its own score as to how reputable it is. The aim of SEO is - yes, you guessed it - having more trustworthy links to yours, something especially important in this day and age.

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How Google’s Search Algorithm Comes into Play

All of what SEO involves above is only important due to the manner in which Google’s search algorithm works, which has been a living and constantly learning machine since the late 1990’s.

Google relies on all of the information it can possibly compile to display the results that you see when you search for anything. To do this, it will send out a fleet of robots every day, called crawlers, to read, analyse and report back on all websites both here in Hobart and right across the world.

What these robots exactly look for is something that has never been disclosed and most likely never will be. Having said that, we do know what they have seen as best practice in the past, which is where all of the practices of SEO help to provide any business with a better score for the crawler to report on.

This also explains why search results can often change quite frequently. If there is a particular phrase you look for on a frequent basis, you may have noticed this too with some new sites appearing, and other pages seemingly disappearing.

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An attractive place to start SEO

Explaining Our SEO Process

Whenever our highly experienced SEO team in Hobart get a new project, they immediately follow a tried and trusted process.


Research is key when it comes to the digital world, and SEO is no different. To get a better understanding of what needs to be done for you and your business, our SEO team will need to:

  • Analyse your nearest competitors to see what they are doing well, what they aren’t doing well, and if there is any area for growth for your business moving into these areas

  • Analyse your industry as a whole to determine the appropriate wording, messaging, and communication standards to have your website come across as an expert in your field

  • Analyse your own website, to see which parts will need improvement to meet Google’s standards, and to know what needs to be done overall

  • Analyse your website’s traffic data, to see historically how internet users have interacted with your brand, and to see any behavioural anomalies that could be improved.

All of the information collected from this will help our SEO team in Hobart to come up with a SEO strategy that not only works, but is heavily tailored to the overall goals of your business.


As you could probably imagine and appreciate, there are numerous ways to peel an onion when it comes to formulating a SEO strategy that can help deliver on the results that your business demands.

Whilst the information gathered prior will help to formulate the strategy, implementing it is another task altogether, and requires experience and a unique know-how of which we possess.

Further enhancements and revisions upon this strategy can and will occur over time, driven both by changing user requirements, as well as Google’s frequent updates to their algorithm - oh yes, they do that as well.


SEO unfortunately is not a plug and play approach, it does require a consistent monitoring process and a safe pair of hands to ensure that it continues to deliver for you for a long time to come.

Our SEO Hobart team keep a keen eye on the goings on with your campaign, fine tuning where necessary, and reacting swiftly to any changes that Google may impose.

This monitoring continues eternally, as even if the campaign’s main goals are achieved, there still must be some form of monitoring to ensure that the website holds onto those goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You won’t like this answer, apologies in advance: it depends on the project.

Brand new websites with no digital history can sometimes be easier to work with and quicker to showcase results, whilst older websites may require a bit more work and time to get it even up to scratch, let alone delivering regular traffic.

In any case, your project manager will inform you about their timeline and expected results, given all of the information that they will have at their disposal.

Our SEO team do not concern ourselves with Bing and covet Google for one sole reason, this being 94.4% of internet users across the country, including Hobart, use Google - which for us is case closed.

Whilst ranking for your own business name is a good start, it’s also the lowest bar to clear, and focusing only on your brand can potentially harm your SEO strategy further down the track.

In truth, unless you are quite a large and well known company, the chances of potential customers knowing your exact brand name are next to none. What’s more, you could be missing on critical keywords that could be delivering new users each and every day to your business’ website.

All of our SEO strategies are customised, and start from $500 per month excluding GST.

Whilst this may seem quite a price to pay on a recurring basis, a website without it will require spending on other advertising avenues to have it receiving similar traffic numbers. Such pricing for an equivalent strategy would be well over $500, and wouldn’t be able to provide you with the “consistency guarantee” that SEO offers.

Our SEO team believe that content writing is an essential part of what they do, so much so that without it, they can’t achieve their best results.

We do not charge additionally for content writing or copywriting for those who do sign up. This means that, not only can you be rest assured that you won’t get any further bills for writing tasks, but also that your website will always be renewed and refreshed, keeping it new for keen eyes across the internet.

Everyone in the digital industry is aware that SEO can be often hard to gauge for the average person as by and large a lot of its work is hard to discern by the naked eye, judged only by traffic numbers and rankings.

We are no different, which is why we’ve gone to great lengths in our monthly reporting process to detail everything that is happening around your SEO strategy. We’re also aware that things can change quickly, so if it’s ever determined by us that it may not be right for you at any given time, we’ll let you know right away and list out alternatives for you to invest in.

Thank you for reading our lengthy page on all things search engine optimisation, and we hope you got some good information about it. If you wish to talk to someone in our SEO team about formulating your own strategy please do feel free to fill out the enquiry form below. Alternatively, you can also send us an email or give us a bell on the old telephone.