Digital Marketing

Consider us as your digital marketing experts to promote online with Google, Facebook and more. We fine adjust your campaigns to maximize your outcomes from the budgets. Our digital performance report help you make a better decision on running campaigns.

There are many approaches to do digital marketing. If you are headless to choose your way, consider factors or topics as following to get started.

Know Your Market, Competitors and Budget

In digital world, you can basically do marketing or ads anywhere around the world. Therefore, you must have a clear vision on the physical location you want to target and know who your customers are. For example, you are a motel in Hobart, Tasmania and you want to attract tourists out of this island, you can choose to only post ads on Google for users in Victoria, who has higher chance to make a vacation travel during long weekend to Hobart, because a short flight from Melbourne. If you are a business conduct services, like lawyers and financing, you must understand what you want to spend and what make your services difference to others, because those industries have extreme high competitions on advertising. You are looking for a significant spend like $5-50 for every click, compare to other industries which has $1.5-$3 per click in average on Google.

Choose the Right Place to Post

Depending on the business you are in, there will be some preferred channel for you to promote in priority.

Business Listing & Social Media

Business listing, like Google My Business, is initial for basically every business. If you are local service provider, Google My Business would be the best way to start with, as it directly integrated with Google Map. If you are an intrastate graphic designer, you can choose to social media as propriety, because your listing will not show in a local map search, but your business can conduct completely remote.

In DigiBite Studio, we usually come with a solution which is establishing business profile or social media pages associated with other services, like photo taking, as a package for business have zero footprint in digital world.

Marketing social media

Google Ads

This is common way to adverse your business when you already have a website. It is also ideal channels to promote retails products and professional services. People have more serious intention when searching on Google, compared to browsing Facebook feeds. Meanwhile, when user search on Google usually has a idea on what they are looking for, so there is higher chance to convert a sales on Google, rather than social media. Google Ads offers an easy way to start spending your marketing budget. However, you can make an in-depth adjustment to maximum your return on spending by adjusting specific keywords, time, locations and devices. Those detailed adjustments will need your historical data on website or sales come up the best solution. Our team will analyse the data on hand to adjust factors as you required and targeted, if you choose us to manage your campaign. Of course, you have few ideas on where to promote, our team are happy to assist with data and your business pattern. We consistently review the performance of your campaign to understand the market, because there will be always something you and us not excepted come up as an opportunity.

Marketing google

Facebook Ads / Instagram Ads

Unlike Google Ads, ads on Facebook or Instagram would be a prefect channel to conduct branding or promoting a creative product, which means generating a demand for purchasing, for most business. Ads on social media is good on impressing people to remember your brand and generating a demand for essential services, like food or living style products, because people saw those ads without intention to purchase and they can make an easy decision on buying. However, advertising on social media did help you to win potential sales in the future, because people were “educated” that you are the seller or services provides for what they need at this moment. A cooperation of web ads and social media is a solid combination to convert your sales.

Marketing facebook ads


Our Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads plan price is form by TWO(2) parts, ads Budgets and management fee.

Ads Budgets is the cost you will pay to Google or Facebook directly to run your campaign and there is no commission thing on this part. You can have your own account with payment details on those platforms to deal with billing. That means you will be charged directly by Google or Facebook and no payment will process with us. However, you can choose to let us handle everything and we invoice you the bills with management fee altogether. Please note that you will need an upfront payment for your budget to run campaign in first time. Please note that Ads Budgets will be the exact spending you will have on the platform in most cases. It is nearly impossible for a situation that ads budget is not fully spent.

Management Fee is the fee we will charge to manage your campaign, including writing ads content, making any adjustments to use your budget effectively and reporting your campaign performance. Management Fee started from $100(ex GST) per month per campaign, excluding ads budgets. If you are running multiple campaigns with us, there will be as combined management fee for your plan. If you already have a running campaign and want to transfer management to us, we will require you to sign up for TWO(2) months at least to allow changes taking effect.