Digitbite Studio provide web design, web development, SEO, online marketing service to Waterfront Lodge Motel. Helping Waterfront Lodge Motel generating significant commission free online booking revenue.

Like most of owners and managers, owners of waterfront lodge motel didn’t have much experience in website area. We as Digibite Studio guide them through the entire project and provided a thorough and clear proposal with clear deadline and budget. Website goes live in as little as one month, it includes proposal, scope analysis, content collecting, website design, website development, hosting, and SEO optimising.

Connect With “The Booking Button”

The booking button ( https://www.siteminder.com/hotel-booking-engine/) is a market leading hotel inventory management and online booking service offers commission free booking service to hotel business. With only monthly subscriptions around $100, you can have all your rooms’ booking activity being monitored and reminded across all major booking platforms.

We built a seamless booking experience on Waterfront Lodge Motel website and redirect them to “the booking buttons” when payment, so it’s much more interactive and informative with the booking interface.

Straight Forward Design

Images are King to the online booking

Waterfront Lodge Motel have always been using mobile phone to take photos for their rooms. Feel rooms online had 2 photos of bathroom with really bad lighting. In 2021 Jan, we hired a photographer and retook all photos for each room of motel. When I updated the new photos, the booking rate for some rooms have increased over 200%.

Mobile Respsonsive

SEO is all about the long-term traffic increase

The website was developed in late 2018. In 2019, the entire year wasn’t attracting much traffic. It struggles to breaking the barrier of 300 monthly visitors. But after some SEO work, such as scoring performance at google lighthouse for 90 out of 100. With some keywords research, and keywords optimising. It starts to ranking for the keywords for “Waterfront Motel”, “Waterfront Hobart”, “Motel Hobart”, despite with a tiny monthly budget. Now they are getting over 200 google organic search clicks from those keywords.

Multi-language – there are no automatic translating plugins, it’s all manual

Waterfront Lodge was configured to two languages, Chinese Simplified, and English. It was not an easy process to pull out the multi-site. Generally, the more content you have, the hard translate it will be. With Chinese being the most popular travellers, they decided to have Chinese Simplified on their website. Occasionally, Waterfront Lodge Motel had few Chinese Simplified Organic searches from google. But the translation certainly helps to contribute on many booking decisions.