Aurora Print Service is online print shop which stick with DigiBite Studio for all their digital marketing needs. We helped them build the static website with template implantation approach to archive objectives, developing quicky in a lower budget. The eCommerce upgrades for Aurora Print Service during COVID-19 pandemic expanded their business from purely local printshop to offer featured products to customers across Australia. The grow and footprint for Aurora Print Service is a prefect case to show how a well-performed digital preference, with website SEO and Google Ads, can help business grow and reach more customers.

Platform to Share Information

Commercial printing is a complex business with basically endless combinations of paper, printing methods and finishing. Although Aurora Print Service has a transparent pricing and list out all factors involved for quoting, they have problems to show that information for potential customers who may be attracted by the compatible pricing. Aurora Print Service has Google My Business setup for a long time, but GMB has limitation on images they posted, as the recommended image resolution is not compatible to show their price list. The limited information section also stopped them to express more possible solution for their clients. Therefore, Aurora Print Service has found DigiBite Studio to build a website for their shop to show their services and pricing. Of course, they were also looking for some opportunities to conduct digital marketing.

Template Implantation

The first version of Aurora Print Service is an information website with major purpose to show pricing to public. Therefore, our team choose to build it with a off-shelf template to meet the schedule and limited budget. From the beginning to the end, the first version took about 4 weeks to complete all functionalities for introducing services provided, blog section for further digital marketing and SEO, and a contact form to receive enquiries. The website was built with well mobile responsiveness and connected with GMB that make their clients to find them in convince. The template implantation approach provided a great speed and financial benefit for this print shop to take the first step online.

Design & Responsive

eCommerce Upgrade

Although Tasmanian took great action on COVID-19, there was still a significant impact on Aurora Print Service, as a local print shop relayed on local businesses marketing demands. They were suffered a significant drop on sales during lock down and pandemic, as most retail stores and restaurants were not allowed to provide services on premised. They decided to provide services online and took the changes to expand the printing business online, as their products and turnaround time are capable to be carried via regular carriers. DigiBite Studio has provided an affordable update plan for Aurora Print Service to sell online with a financial friendly payment plan to come over that difficult time. We cooperated with Aurora Print Service to pick products that were suitable to sell online with limited flexibility on print configuration, as to cover full range of products would take a long time to develop for quoting, checkout and order management. We narrowed down the most common products to streamline process of checkout and left a complex quoting in manual contact channel. That allowed this online print shop to sell online faster and benefited on return of interests for website upgrades.

Online Print Shop with Pricing